When And Why Would You Use Kinesiology

When and why would you use Kinesiology?

Are you feeling under the weather but finding that visits to the doctor and even blood tests are inconclusive? Or do you have a persistent problem but are continually being told that "there is nothing wrong with you" or "we do not know what is wrong with you"?

Kinesiologists can help you find what IS wrong, and give the body the tools for the job to get back to, and then maintain good health.

Systematic Kinesiology uses simple, safe, precise muscle testing procedures to find problem areas. Kinesiology helps to get to the root causes and does not just deal with the symptoms of a problem. Kinesiology uses specialised lymphatic massage, nutrition, energy reflexes (using gentle acupressure), and emotional releasing to balance holistically.

  • Investigation without intrusion
  • Assessments without judgement
  • In-depth functional problem analysis
  • Shows the tester what is needed to help

Kinesiology offers healthy, practical solutions to change common health problems that are not due to disease or pathological conditions

Low energy - Pain - Food Allergies & Sensitivities - Nutritional deficiencies - Low self-esteem - Increased Personal Performance - Fears, Phobias & Anxieties - Learning Difficulties - Dyslexia - Muscular-Skeletal Problems - Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) - Addictions - M.E./Chronic Fatigue Symptoms.

Kinesiologists are also usually willing to treat people with a diagnosed disease as part of an overall plan for improved health and well-being.

If you suffer from any of the issues described on this page, you may want to get in touch with your local Kinesiologist.

Kinesiology changes lives

Now more than ever we face stresses in life, some easy to solve some not. Constant stresses eventually wreak havoc with your body - be they nutritional, emotional, chemical or structural, problems will arise! You would not drive your car without servicing it or continue using it when you know there is a problem causing a lack of performance. You would book the car in with a mechanic.

Systematic Kinesiology is the answer to keeping the body balanced, able to cope with what life throws at us. By challenging muscles in specific positions, a qualified Kinesiologist will get to the root of the problem and be able to deal with it. Some problems fix easily others are more layered and take longer, it is usually in connection with how long the person has had the problem. Systematic Kinesiology deals with the causes NOT the symptoms.

Kinesiology testing does not diagnose disease. Muscle testing enables analysis which detects functional imbalances. Minor imbalances when not corrected, accumulate and cause compensations. Compensations compound each other, lead to functional changes, and give rise to symptoms of discomfort, pain or maybe allergic reactions. If these warnings are ignored, disease can follow. Health wards off disease.

Kinesiology is truly preventive!

To find a Kinesiologist that can help you go to our National Register of Systematic Kinesiologists. It is compiled with the utmost care and all Kinesiologists have been trained by us to the highest of standards and professionalism.

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