TUKN Online Community

TUKN Online Community

Our flagship Online Community is a vibrant specialist hub for students and practitioners of all levels.
Gain exclusive access to the latest Kinesiology knowledge and support, live Q&A's, webinars with tutors and guest speakers, daily conversations and networking.

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We believe in celebrating and combining our strengths to create a thriving community where you can have conversations about your journey - wherever you are at. These conversations can support you with challenges, inspire your dreams, offer new knowledge and open doors that perhaps you could not have accessed by doing it on your own.

We are here to inspire you, support you and have fun together

By becoming a member of TASK-UK Network Online Community you will gain exclusive access to a wealth of knowledge and experience from other practitioners to help you maintain the momentum in your own practice.

You don't have to do it alone

You will create new relationships and connections with current and past students and tutors from the Academy whilst meeting new people with complementary skills that will enrich your knowledge.

It's free for all TASK-UK Network members and current Foundation students of TASK London and TASK accredited tutors/schools whilst training

The monthly subscription fee will be waived throughout the full duration of your Foundation Course. Subscription is £12.50 a month thereafter.

You can join our community if you are a current or past student of:

  • TASK-UK Network member
  • A current TASK London Foundation Course student
  • A current student on a regional TASK accredited Foundation Course
  • A current TASK Practitioner or Diploma student
  • A TASK Graduate

Are you a current TASK/TASK Accredited Foundation Course Student ready to join the Online Community?


Every month in TASK-UK Network Online Community

Monthly live webinars

You will have access to our monthly live webinars hosted by Claire Muller and other tutors and guests. These are 30 minute or 1 hour sessions with varied hot topics, about Kinesiology, the running of your business and latest research subjects. We will also have straight forward question and answer sessions. An opportunity to meet other community members live online. They will be recorded for you to access at anytime too!

Daily conversations

Ask questions and get answers from the tutors and from other experienced peers. Replace your inner debates with live problem-solving with fellow members, and make better more well-informed decisions about your practice and your business. Substitute Google searches with direct and immediate conversations with fellow colleagues and tutors.

Supportive community

Being a private practitioner can be a lonely place. That is why we created TASK-UK Network Online Community. We're in this together!. Everyone's contribution is valid and we invite you to take your seat in this community. Our students and graduates come from a variety of backgrounds, ranging from complete beginners to those experienced in the healthcare industry. Our wonderful tutors are on hand in the group too, supporting and exchanging with you all.

Build your practice and your network

You'll not only learn from the stories, experiences and ideas of your peers but build your network as well. Meet members by location, by speciality and by the topics you care about.


When you join TASK-UK Network Online Community you will enjoy:

  • Exclusive monthly online webinars from the TASK team
  • Opportunities to connect with a diverse group of practitioners from a variety of backgrounds
  • Continued support from Claire and the TASK team
  • Updates on the latest kinesiology techniques and protocols
  • The latest information about the ever-changing natural healthcare industry
  • Private access conversations for Practitioner and Diploma students

The team behind TASK-UK Network Online Community


Claire Muller

Kinesiology Tutor

I live and breathe Kinesiology, it is my passion. Kinesiology still amazes me after 25 years in practice. I love the exchanges with colleagues and students and helping people change their lives for the better. This community is at the heart of the Academy and I hope it is a fulfilling place for everyone involved.

Lottie Hartigan

Kinesiology Tutor

I was surrounded by Kinesiology my whole life, having being treated by both my grandfather and my mother from a young age. I love teaching and one of my biggest passions is sharing this amazing knowledge and helping our students become brilliant and successful practitioners.

Amanda Douglas

Course Management

Claire and I have been friends since childhood and although I worked for the BBC for over 30 years I was always interested in health and Kinesiology. When my circumstances changed I jumped at the chance to become a practitioner. I now practice as a Kinesiologist and enjoy working in the office. When you telephone or email TASK it will usually be me helping you with your initial queries.

Emma Hobson

Community Support

My background is in emotional education, energy healing and massage and I use these skills, along with my technical side, to support businesses with social media, email marketing and website support. I will also from time to time post thought-provoking conversation to engage you all and create connections between you to have a sense of collaboration between us all.

Nora Zimerman

Designer and Online Strategist

My background is designing for large corporations and for the last 10 years, I've been supporting businesses with their branding and their online presence. I make sure everything looks consistent and follows the branding, from the graphics to the tone of voice to the customer's experience online. My passion is translating client's visions and supporting them achieve their goals.


Office Admin

Julie looks after the administration for TUKN at the office.

Ready to join TASK UK Network Online Community?

Cost is £12.50 per month payable each month in advance.

The monthly subscription fee will be waived throughout the full duration of your course for all TASK/TASK Accredited Foundation students.


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