TUKN Council


The role of the Council is to provide good governance and to undertake long-range planning and priority setting. We aim to establish regulations and guidelines that enhance the quality of TASK-UK Network and the Online Community. We will adopt budgets, provide leadership and executive direction to ensure decisions are implemented.

The Council members of TASK-UK Network are responsible for upholding the essence of the Code of Ethics and Code of Practice in discussions and decisions made concerning the organisation and running of TASK-UK Network.

Our Council Members are:

Chairperson: Claire Muller Dip. TASK

Dept. Chairperson: Lottie Moffat Dip. TASK

Registrar: Amanda Douglas Dip. TASK

Events Coordinator: Berenice Hicks Dip. TASK

Treasurer: Karen Karman

Technical Advisers: Brian H. Butler B.A., Dr Sheldon Deal, D.C., N.D.

Secretary to the council: Danine Cronk.

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