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Founded by the original pioneers of Systematic Kinesiology, Brian Butler and Claire Muller, TASK-UK Network is a membership network for Systematic Kinesiologists, whose mission is to support, inspire, offer high-quality CPD training, promote high standards of ethics, as well as to conduct, practice, and grow the awareness of Systematic Kinesiology.

Brian Butler brought Systematic Kinesiology to Britain and Europe in 1976. He practised from home for two years before setting up a private clinic in 1978. Just several years later in 1985, he founded The Academy for Systematic Kinesiology (TASK) - going on to teach and qualify thousands of students.

Claire Muller (Brian Butler's daughter) has been practising Systematic Kinesiology for 25 years, taking over as principal of TASK in 2000 when her father retired. She has successfully run, grown and developed the academy taking it confidently forward for over 19 years.

TASK-UK Network promotes members with the best high profile reputation for authenticity and professionalism

Our Membership Offers

Continued Professional Development

Ongoing training for Continued Professional Development (CPD). We aim to offer high levels of training and covering notes to support career development.

Help with promotion

TASK-UK Network members can join our National Register of professionals and be featured on our dedicated website page, so that members of the public may be assisted to find a qualified TASK Registered Systematic Kinesiologist.

Members Support

Free access to TASK-UK Network Online Community offering continued daily support. A growing community for Systematic Kinesiologists to increase their knowledge, confidence and skills through peer support, webinars and recorded learning materials.

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TASK-UK Network Membership

Membership costs just £12.50 per month (including VAT) and free during the six month Foundation Course.
You can read more about the types of membership that we have available and Join us here.

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