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Ethos is a Greek word meaning character that is used to describe the essential guiding beliefs or ideals that characterise an ideology.
The first and most important ethical aspect of Systematic Kinesiology is that it acknowledges that a Higher Power is at work. This is represented by the aerial at the top.

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In no sense is this a religious statement. By recognising this Power, we are empowered to be more effective with what we are able to do in our service to others. The diagram illustrates that we address the Mental, Chemical, Physical and Energy, elements of a person simultaneously.

The Mental, Chemical, Physical, and Energy (MCPE) approach is unique to those who use Systematic Kinesiology and it is not matched by any other modality.

Muscle testing

By gently testing muscle responses, practitioners access the innate intelligence and wisdom of the body and gain insights not possible in any other way. Tests locate Mental stress, nutritional deficiencies and sensitivities, structural issues causing pain, and Energy imbalances. Kinesiology does not address or treat disease, but any adverse condition found by these tests can be corrected, often in minutes. The brain is in command of the whole body via the spinal cord. Between each vertebra of the neck, the thorax and the lumbar area are holes called the intervertebral foramina (IVF). In Systematic Kinesiology we have seven ways to rebalance the energies that flow through these foramina: The acupuncture meridian connector, the cerebrospinal fluid control, the neuro-vascular blood supply, the neuro-lymphatic flow which feeds and cleans the body, the nerve to all the muscles and organs, nutritional signals, and lastly the electrical impulses related to emotions. These can be balanced by touch, massage, exercise, nutrition and stress release. Benefits are often felt immediately.


Systematic Kinesiology can help restore balance to the brain's ability to think positively and effectively and relieve emotional stress quicker than any other method. Chemical. Systematic Kinesiology testing can detect nutritional deficiencies, allergies and sensitivities and offer the client suggestions on how they may make changes to diet. PhysicalStructural aches and pains are a part of life for most people. Kinesiology can quickly locate muscles that are putting the body out of balance and causing pain. By strengthening those muscles, the body is rebalanced and the pain is diminished.


Human beings exist in a cloud of Life-Force energy known as the aura that emanates from the Higher Power that is both internal and external. This aura is the energy expression of every activity of a person. It contains everything about us, our mental attitudes, and our physical & nutritional state of health and well being.

Systematic Kinesiology is a truly unique approach to preventive health care and well-being


Systematic Kinesiology is a truly unique approach to preventive health care and well-being because it addresses the whole person simultaneously. When any one of the aspects of a person outlined above is out of balance, that has an adverse effect on all the others. Mental stress, food sensitivities, structural pain all affect the whole person adversely making life heavy going. Correcting the imbalances gives relief and restores a feeling of lightness, improved energy, health and well-being.

Brian Butler - B.A, D.O, F.A.S.K

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